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Intro to TalentCon 2019

Perry Oostdam, CEO & Founder @ Recruitee alongside TalentCon hosts, Adrie Smith & Gary Gillick.

Perry Oostdam of Recruitee will kick off this year's TalentCon and get you fired up for an action-packed day of talent acquisition insights. Hosts Adrie Smith & Gary Gillick will take over shortly after to guide you through the day!


The secret superpower of recruiters

Johan Driessens, Chief Enthusiasm Officer & Founder @ Branded.Careers

Recruiters all have a secret power that lies within. All you need to do is unlock it.


10 principles behind a great candidate experience

Johnny Campbell, CEO @ Social Talent

The average hiring process has more than 80 steps. That's 80 ways for you to mess up or to craft an amazing experience for candidates and hiring managers alike. These are the 10 principles to transform your hiring and make the most of the entire process.


Break & networking


Panel: Future of HR tech

Panel lead by Lodewijk de Stoppelaar, Recruitee.

Some of Europe's leading recruitment tech experts including Siadhal Magos (Metaview.ai), Anouk Kon (Indeed), Aik Deveneijns (LevelUp Ventures), and Sebastien Monnet (Brockmeyer) will discuss technological innovation and the future of hiring.


Managing UP: Convincing your boss to get the resources you need

Aik Deveneijns, CEO & Founder
@ LevelUp Ventures

Any leader will tell you that people are the key to any organization's success. However, those best placed to advise on people growth often lack the agency to make these changes. Learn how to start speaking the language of decision-makers and start managing up when it comes to your team's growth.


How can companies use tech and data to improve the pre-selection process?

Charlotte Melkert, Co-founder @ Equalture

Tech and data are now a non-negotiable in recruitment. But how can it be best leveraged to improve the pre-selection process?


Complimentary lunch & networking


Talent 10 announcement

Delivered by Eva Baluchova, Talent Lead
@ LevelUp Ventures & Talent10 judge

Talent10 judge, Eva Baluchova will briefly take the stage to announce our Talent10 winners.


The power of personalization in recruitment

Kelly Rapmund, Sr. Talent Specialist
@ PeopleFinders

Getting to know (and connect!) with candidates is every recruiter's greatest challenge. Personalization, many have found, is a great strategy to overcome this hiring barrier. Kelly will share six easy-to-implement tips to take back to the office for recruiters working in companies of every size.


How new technologies are influencing hiring at EA

Joe Burridge, Senior Recruiter
@ Electronic Arts

We all know that technology is transforming the way we hire, but concrete examples are often missing. Get a sneak peek into how exactly tech is transforming recruitment execution and strategy at EA.


The science of attraction

Rob Williams, Director of Employer Insights
@ Indeed

Attracting the right candidates is becoming increasingly difficult and the candidate market is only getting more competitive. Learn how to transform your talent attraction strategy into a science to get ahead.


Break & networking


The people factor: blending recruitment and HR

Joanna Szot, Head of People @ The Next Web

People should be at the heart of every business. But how do you consistently work towards or maintain this goal?


People, not candidates

Dave Hazlehurst, Partner @ PhCreative

Learn how to attract and engage people throughout your entire employer brand experience, while ensuring it's a standout experience. Discover how to story-tell and story-build knowing your audience, while repelling the many and attracting the few.


Read between the lines of your conversions

Victoria Farrelly, Senior Technical Recruiter
@ Uber

Data can be a powerful tool in many ways. In this talk, Victoria will be showing us how we can use data to manage stakeholders, improve the candidate experience, and forecast recruitment efforts.


Closing remarks

Adrie Smith & Gary Gillick, TalentCon hosts

Adrie & Gary will round up the day with some highlights, insights, and thank yous.

Breakout room

Breakout room


Networking and meeting space


Panel: Developing your career in recruitment

Panel lead by Modiara Kamps, Talent Attraction @ Amazon.

No matter how you get into recruitment, there are many roads to developing your career within this space. The Talent10 judges including Mariel Dommering (Nmbrs), Eva Baluchova (LevelUp Ventures), Anouk de Wolff (Scale Force Talent) will discus how to get ahead in the hiring space.


Break & networking


Employer brand by design: leveraging creativity to attract talent

Coen van Hees, Founder & CEO @ Story of AMS

Every employer brand needs a visual identity to connect candidates and employers. In this session, learn how to leverage creative strategies to build an employer brand that encourages real connections with real people. You can look forward to examples and tactics to take back to the office.


Recruitee user panel: Collaborative hiring

Panel lead by Jennifer Peters
(Head of Customer Success @ Recruitee)

Collaborative hiring is on the rise. But it's not always straightforward to implement it. Panelists including Hoda Farhangi (KARL LAGERFELD), Jae Nguyen (5CA), Jan Bauer (Kuoni Tumlare), and Marc Keur (BDO), will share how collaborative hiring is working in their own recruitment environments.


Complimentary lunch & networking


ROI Demystified

Anouk Kon, Recruitment Evangelist Benelux @ Indeed

When it comes to talent attraction, budgeting can be difficult and lack the transparency you need to convince your recruitment stakeholders. In this breakout session, Anouk will be discussing how to use data to maximize your talent attraction strategy and regain control over your ROI.


Hiring in the Digital Age

Flip van Eijndhoven, Country Manager
@ Talent.io

Recruitment and HR departments are becoming more digitalized, but being online is not enough without the right tools and technologies. The interview process takes an average of 23 days per applicant. Hiring is time and labor-intensive. Luckily, new tools are helping HR teams decrease that up-front investment. Flip will be discussing the evolutions and revolutions of HR technology in the Digital Age.


Break & networking


Mastering LinkedIn ads for recruiting

Dennis Damoiseaux, Global Talent Acquisition @ Heineken

There are now more companies promoting their job listings on LinkedIn than ever. With LinkedIn ads, you can get more attention than you might expect. Even in a passive jobseeker environment, Dennis will explain how LinkedIn ads can be extremely relevant.


Global hiring: talent beyond borders

Julian Schnute, Global Talent Relocation Manager @ Honeypot.io

With global talent shortages pending, many recruiters are looking beyond their own borders. Find out what you need to do to attract and welcome international colleagues.

Meet the speakers

Victoria Farrelly

Victoria Farrelly is a senior talent acquisition at Uber, where she is responsible for hiring technical roles for Uber’s European operations. She has experience hiring technical and product-centric roles for various companies including ING and Booking.com.

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Modiara is a young professional with a broad understanding of business strategy, recruitment processes and leadership.She loves to make people happy, by creating experiences that have impact on their lives within the talent attraction marketing field. Working in the recruitment industry from the start of her career she follows recruitment trends and developments to actively implement these into businesses.


With experience at Nationale-Nederlanden and Accenture, Dennis now works at the Heineken HQ contributing to an extensive HR strategy and growing employer brand. Dennis is always looking for fresh talent to support and drive the Heineken brand in their corporate operations, IT department, and commerce teams.

Rob Williams

With over 10 years of experience in the recruitment tech space, Rob Williams is passionate about leveraging the power of data and technology to help people find jobs. At Indeed, he gathers insights on what makes 

Joe Burridge

Joe Burridge is a senior recruiter at Electronic Arts where he helps build EA’s studios and tech teams across Europe. He is also an active recruitment influencer with over 90,000 avid followers from all over the world.

Joanna Szot

Joanna Szot is the Head of People at The Next Web, one of the world’s leading online tech publications. Previously, she was responsible for for employee happiness at Deskbookers and worked as a sourcing specialist for Alexander Mann Solutions. 


Flip van Eijndhoven has a vision to disrupt the tech talent market here in Europe. With an entrepreneurial spirt, Flip has brought Talent.io to the Netherlands and is hard at work evangelizing their message. At its core, Talent.io is a simple concept that’s quickly changing the way companies search for software engineers.

Aik Deveneijns

Aik Deveneijns is the founder and CEO of LevelUp Ventures, a cutting edge ‘in-house recruiters agency’. He is active as and investor and advisor to a number of companies, including in the HR tech space.

Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell is the co-founder and CEO of Social Talent, the world’s leading learning experience platform for hiring. Johnny specializes in sourcing and education. In 2018 alone, he helped over 500 companies hire more than 1 million people.

Adrie Smith

Adrie Smith is a former recruiter and the Head of Content at Recruitee, where she is responsible for one of Europe’s leading Recruitment blogs. She is the host of the Recruitee webinar and TA Radio, where she teases exclusive hiring tips out of the best in the industry.

Dave Hazlehurst

Dave Hazlehurst is an employer brand strategist, author and a keynote speaker specializing in employer branding and people experience. He is a partner at PhCreative, a leading employer brand and recruitment marketing agency based in Liverpool, London, San Diego and New York.

Gary Gillick

Gary Gillick is a true Recruitee veteran. Having spent the last three years working in the recruitment and HR tech scene, he will be one of the hosts of TalentCon 2019, getting you all in the mood for an action-packed day.

Kelly Rapmund

Kelly Rapmund is a senior talent specialist at PeopleFinders. A true talent fanatic who’s done it all. Passionate about building trust and strong relationships. And the type of recruiter who when dealt a curve ball, hits it out of the park. She’s helped companies like HelloPrint, Recruitee and Eventbrite find & keep the very best.

Johann Driessens

Johann Driessens is the founder and ‘chief enthusiasm officer’ at Branded.Careers. A renowned influencer and public speaker in the recruitment and HR space, he was named emerging employer branding leader of 2018. 

Charlotte Melkert

Charlotte Melkert is the founder and CEO of Equalture. She is also an active public speaker and one of Amsterdam’s emerging female leaders, having been nominated for InspiringFifty, Next Women100, and  De Jonge 100, amongst others.

Siadhal Magos

Siadhal Magos is the co-founder and CEO of Metaview. He has seen first hand the importance of hiring the right people during his time at Uber. Metaview uses conversation analytics to help world-class organisations identify and attract talent in their interviews with unerring reliability.

Anouk Kon

As a Recruitment Evangelist with the Indeed Employer Insights Team, Anouk Kon pairs platform data with industry trend analysis to share Indeed’s story and bring the value of the company’s programs and solutions to life. Whether she is presenting on stage and industry events or one-on-one with the world’s top talent acquisition leaders, Anouk helps employers better understand online search and optimize their recruiting practices. She has over 10 years of experience in (global) recruitment, sales and marketing, with a MSc BA from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.


Coen van Hees is the founder & CEO at Story of AMS. Since the beginning, Story of AMS have always focused on company culture. Coen believes that this has helped them accelerate growth and attract the best global talent.

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Julian is a Global Relocation Manager at Honeypot, a tech-focused job platform. He is responsible for helping talents to relocate, settle in and integrate them into the community. Thereby promote, develop and live Honeypot’s believe in building the world’s largest work-life community for technical talents

Sebastien Monnet PF

Sebastien worked for 10 years in Digital Marketing, working for international media agencies & tech companies. He designed online growth strategies for e-commerce players like Zalando, Groupon, Made.com, and Expedia. Sebastien decided to apply his Marketing expertise in recruitment 3 years ago to support organisations in optimizing their Talent Acquisition strategy.

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